What Makes A Healthy Relationship

Maintain a relationship steady, healthy and happy is something to which we all aspire. There is no magic recipe that can guarantee that we will achieve it, but there are some basic pillars that can help and to which we must all strive.

We will reveal them in this article.

I am not alone, we are two:

Do you know that it is useless to “look for one’s half”? A person is a whole. Look for a whole person and integrity with whom you can ride in every sense of the word.

In a  healthy relationship, the two people must go hand in hand, supporting each other in their plans, goals, and feelings.

Communication is the key:

Listen to your partner face to face, think carefully and balance your feelings. In a technology-driven era, most couples have become accustomed to communicating through instant messaging or social media.

This kind of communication deteriorates a couple for several reasons. One of them is that a constant need for communication, taxing, and control is created.

The worst of all is that it is an empty, routine and absolutely not passionate communication, which can lead to misunderstandings that are extremely harmful to the couple’s trust.

Past is the past:

We have had good and bad experiences that have done what we are today. Forgive yourself, forgive others and let go of bad feelings.

The past is over, put away your past feelings and stop comparing your present reality with a past reality that no longer exists.

In other words, sometimes take the time to stop and analyze your bag of emotions, to get rid of what is negative and useless.

Be aware that what you are doing is strongly determined by what you have inside of you, and that it is extremely important to often undertake new trips with a lighter, brand new backpack.

Use the right words:

In love, there are magic words that warm the heart. It is not a question of reciting everyday poetry, no, but of maintaining a comprehensive communication and an affectionate attitude as the basis of the relationship.

Thus, it is more than important that the “hello” do not sink into the routine, and that the “I love you” remain sincere and passionate.

We must not be carried away by anger and disrespect, this point is fundamental and indisputable. Nothing and no one can justify aggressive and totalitarian behavior toward the person we love.

Offer what you would like to receive and speak with your heart:

Here is another important point that proves a union, tenderness, and gratitude towards the other. Show your interest in your half, make it laugh, give it love, and then, I am sure, you will receive it.

Love is a feeling, but it requires work all the time. Love requires action, intention, and openness for a relationship to survive. It is not enough to feel, we must live this love, not to take it for granted and not to wait until it keeps the couple afloat, by its very existence.