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What Type of Wood is the Best for Building a House?

building a houseWhat kind of wood is used to build a wood-frame house? The question may seem trivial but it is not.

The choices made determine the cost and behavior of the house over time. For their good mechanical strength in relation to their cost, all manufacturers use softwoods, spruce or Douglas fir.

Spruce is more economical but naturally less resistant to mold.

It must, therefore, be treated (class 2) in order to qualify for the construction of wooden houses. The treatment also includes an insecticide protecting wood from attacks by xylophagous insects, including termites. It is suitable for wood construction.

Douglas fir is naturally mold resistant but not impregnable. It can not, therefore, be treated with xylophagous insects.

Dry wood

The use of dry wood (max. 18%) is highly recommended, as most insects are in great need of moisture to live. This is particularly the case with termites, who prefer to tackle a traditional framework in a concrete block house rather than your home made of dry Douglas-fir!

In the affected areas, soil treatment can also be implemented preventively. Drying also guarantees good work stability: dry wood does not work and does not crack. It is therefore recommended whatever the chosen wood species.

Finally, wood can be planed to provide perfectly flat surfaces.


The wooden frame can thus directly serve as a support for the finishes: cladding, place, paneling, etc. Conclusion: ideally use spruce or Douglas fir, dried dryer and planed. This is the choice recommended by the National Committee for the Development of Wood (CNDB), around 4 sections of wood: – battens of 22 x 45 mm – framework wood for walls and partitions in 45 x 95 and 45 x 120 – wood framing for floors in 45 x 220 All the major suppliers of materials begin to offer woods meeting the characteristics defined by the CNDB.

You will want to make sure that you have a good table saw for cutting up the wood, as if the dimensions are off there can be problems. Here is a good one for you to check out.

Also, make sure to use a good tape measure to ensure that you’re measurements don’t get screwed up.