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Origin Of Great Dane

Great Dane has its origin in 1878. And although its name refers to Denmark, the breed was created in Germany from German dogs. We do not know why this dog is called Great Dane but the fame of this breed is so great that everyone can recognize it on the street.

This dog of a very large size, elegant and of aristocratic bearing. Despite its great height, it is a well proportioned and beautiful dog.

The length of the body is almost equal to the height at the withers, especially in males, so the body profile is square with 80 centimeters for males and 72 centimeters for females. The Great Dane is a large animal breed and a large adult Dane can weigh between 65 and 80 kilos and the females usually weigh between 50 and 65 kilos.

His back is short and the spine is slightly arched. The thoracic capacity is deep and wide. The Great Dane’s hair is short, dense, smooth and very bright. The most common colors are fawn, black, tabby, harlequin or blue.

The head of the Great Dane is long and thin and the nose should be black, except in Harlequin and blue dogs. The snout is deep and rectangular; and the size of his eyes are medium, almond shaped and alive and intelligent expression. The ears are tall and medium sized.

The huge size of the Great Dane can give the wrong impression of his temperament and character. It is true that the ancestors of this breed were very active dogs and prey that had to be afraid, but nothing to do with the present that is a piece of bread. The average lifespan of a Great Dane is approximately until 8 or 10 years.

These dogs are very friendly and affectionate with theirs, although they can be reserved for strangers. They are very sociable dogs that get along well with people, other dogs and even with other pets.

Although those who are unfamiliar with the Great Dane breed usually refer to the Great Dane dog as a “dumb big man”, reality indicates that this sentence is totally wrong. The Great Dane dog is an excellent defender of the home, a fact that is enhanced by its large size, so no intruder will want to risk entering a territory guarded by a copy of the Great Dane breed.

While the response of the Great Dane dog to obedience training is not one of the best, it is usually sufficient to achieve good management of the animal. Already the exponents of the great Danish race are vigorous but fortunately also calm and not easily excitable or barkers.

This characteristic of the behavior of the great Danish dog breed facilitates its adaptation to life in small spaces, provided that it is provided with the daily possibility of exercising. However, do not forget that a small movement of a Great Dane breed dog may look like an earthquake.

For this same reason, it will be essential that anyone who adopts a Great Dane dog breed you educate properly and responsibly because it is not an animal that can be easily controlled using physical force.

Experts also point out that in order to be happy these dogs need a lot of attention and company from their owners so it is not an appropriate pet for those people who are going to spend a lot of time away from home.

The Great Dane’s coat is short, thick and shiny and can present several colors: gold, brindle, blue or gray, black and white to black spots (in this case they are called harlequins). Its care is quite simple thanks to its fur does not require great efforts and with brushing occasionally to remove dead hair, it is more than enough.

Because of its great size, it is necessary to bathe it only when the dog gets dirty and if it is possible that it is done by professionals because at home it is quite complicated to manage it.